Happy Geek Pride Day

Geek Pride DayI think I celebrated my geek pride day well, by awkwardly talking to an attractive woman today. I stuttered, stammered, and she was being nice, allowing me to be a big dork. As a result, I can tell, I was getting nowhere. Oh well, I know I can make her laugh at least. Update: Well, I found out she has no interest. I guess we can always be friends? Haha.

So this brings up a good point. When do you know enough is enough? How do you handle rejection? I for one, admittedly, am still struggling with that idea. Not that I think I’m irresistible, but she does send me mixed signals. Not my problem though, but in a sense its rejection. An emphasis on how women have power.

You need to look at every woman or man that rejects you in some way as a stepping stone. Maybe its a lesson on what to do and what not to do. Either way, you have to take it for what it is and move on. Some people may say not to dwell on it, but I believe you have to (but not forever). You need to learn from your encounters and correct mistakes. No matter why you’re flirting or what you’re interested in, whether it be for a one night stand or a long lasting relationship, you have to look at your flawed tactics and improve on them.

Please note! A smile, a laugh, a touch means nothing unless they say it means something! People, for the most part are polite, and women are subtle and beat around the bust to a fault, and men need it spelled out. We men cannot speak your language! *sigh* I need a drink…too bad I hate alcohol…