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Where good ideas come to die, it is THE home of the podcasts blog that traverse the treacherous internet all of it’s pop culture and unpopular culture crevices, from comic book conventions, movies, music, tv, more.

Your hosts.

Francis The Other Guy

The shadow of Sincere Sarcasm Supreme Overlord.
Silhouette of the Supreme Overlord. Looking directly at him is known to cause Space Madness,

A dude who people seem to tolerate enough to go have a quick lunch with every six months, who has a voice that people love to both listen and fall asleep to, Francis hosted podcasts like Geek Love Radio (2.0) and A Critical Moment of Awesome, just to name two. Francis is the press representative for the Points of Interest Podcast Network for as many West Coast Comic Book Pop Culture Conventions he can get his grubby little hands on, and he is the Science and Technology writer for the Geekly Planet blog. When he’s not drowning in a sea of content and editing, he can be found wandering around aimlessly throughout Southern California, or tucked away somewhere playing video games or reading a book.

Dave The Drummer

Resident idiot and Chaos Dwarf, Dave.
Resident idiot and Berzerker, Dave.

The sole inhabitant of Ireland, Dave is the master musician, web guru, and artist who provided more or less every bit of original music, image, and web page design you see here on this site. When he’s not cracking wise or giving a fairly detailed history lesson on the significance of the time travel paradox in relation to molecular aging, he’s cohosting on the podcast, A Critical Moment of Awesome, where he shares with the world everything that’s so bad, it’s bad. A human wikipedia of music, movies, and all the things you’ve never heard of, because he knew it was cool, before it was cool, this proto-hipster spends his time urinating on his tomatoes and learning. Always learning; from the only mentor he has at his disposal. Himself.

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