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Episode 2 of Geek Love Radio, up and running

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Well, I tried to interview my buddy who’s an ace at getting ladies online, but it didn’t quite work out. Either way, this week’s episode is on asking the person out on a date, and how the internet plays a role in the whole thing.

I also try to give you some suggestions on flirting, and things to say when you get the

There’s also a little reminiscing about the late 90s and early turn of the century and how the internet was back there and how much of a geek I really was back then. I mean, I guess I still am now, but…never mind.

So there’s plenty to learn, and with luck, plenty to apply in your life on this second episode of Geek Love Radio.

Well, I tried to interview my buddy who’s an ace at getting ladies online, but it didn’t quite work out. Either way, this week’s episode is on asking the person out on a date, and how the internet plays a role in the whole thing.

I also try to give you some suggestions on flirting, and things to say when you get the courage to say hello to that special girl or guy.

There’s also a little reminiscing about the late 90s and early turn of the century and how the internet was back there and how much of a geek I really was back then. I mean, I guess I still am now, but…never mind.

So there’s plenty to learn, and with luck, plenty to apply in your life on this second episode of Geek Love Radio.

Episode 2 delayed…

Well, for those few anticipating episode 2, it has been delayed a day due to unforseen circumstances. I discovered chat roulette for the first time, and it was very entertaining. Took up my entire night as you see I’m still awake at 3am. So, tomorrow definitely get it up to for you. Thanks for your understanding.

Yeah she may say, "f*ck you," but you can always smile and say, "thank you".

Well, here’s the deal, I may have overreacted yesterday about a lot of things. I’m human, and its one of my many flaws. I can be fairly dramatic when something comes out of left field that I didn’t even see coming. But I do know now, that my accounts have been compromised by my ex, so I had the fun and tedious job of changing all my passwords. It doesn’t pay to use the same passwords for years, I can see that now. So after that debacle, I realized I reacted irrationally. I should have done things differently.

For example, yesterday I was being cussed out on text by my ex about some issue or another, and I handled the situation properly. Now mind you, I did not provoke this attack, nor did I do anything. I was actually just minding my own business, not having talked to her in quite awhile. So she did this on her own accord, possibly to make herself feel better.

If you’re in a similar situation with anyone who starts to cuss you out, and insult you, and try to make you feel less than you normally do, for no apparent reason, they’re in a vulnerable spot. They’re trying to control and manipulate you in some way, and you’re goal is to not get suckered in, and to not try to control them either. You just want to keep it rational, because at this point, the other person is far from rational. So what should you do?

Talk calmly to them, and let them know you appreciate that they’re upset, but only if you mean it. They’re in a tough spot, they’re acting like the child, and they’re taking it out on you. You have to remind yourself that you have no control over how they react towards you. If they hate you, if they’re angry with you, its their problem, not yours. But you should be considerate of their problems, and kindly let them know that you can’t do anything about it or that its out of your hands. Its difficult enough as it is trying to reason with someone who’s already so upset, and has already insulted you. You technically owe them nothing, especially when they don’t even have the courtesy to talk to you in a civilized manner. But what will you achieve from attacking back? Nothing, but an argument that will get you nowhere.

Remember, you’re not trying to make them feel small, or return the insults, you’re just trying to calm them down and not give in. And even if you have to give in for the greater good, it may be for the best. That person is suffering more than you are, and they’re struggling more than you are. That’s why they attacked you. So take it slow, don’t lose your cool, and know that if you’re happy and you’re good, that’s all that matters.

I forgot that for a moment, because my ex is good at making me lose my cool. I am happy, and I’m glad I have what I got, and I’m lucky to be where I am. And no one, not even an angry, troubled woman, can take that away from me.

Well, well, well…look who we have here…another traitor

Be warned, this is a rant about cheating and betrayal, and its rather long, so be aware.

Okay, so today was not a good day in any sense of the word. I mean, it went from bad to worse, to worse. Either way, that’s not the reason why I’m writing this entry. I want to give a suggestion on what you should do, should you feel betrayed in some way. This could be in the form of someone cheating on you, or of someone maybe allowing other people to know of your personal business. Either way, its all a matter of trust. Now, there are obviously different levels of trust you should have with people, but one must learn where the buck stops, so to speak.

For example. What do you do when you find out that you were cheated on? Well, if you’re an understanding person, sometimes the couple affected by their significant other cheating can work it out and the relationship is stronger than ever. But THAT is more the exception than the rule. The rule is, you confront that person, you let them know of how you feel and they’ll explain themselves, and they’ll turn around and do it all over again when the heat is off. In the case of cheating, I think it should be a zero tolerance policy. If your partner cheats on you, get out. Its not going to get any easier, and its not going to get any better. Just pack up your stuff and leave, no matter the kind of relationship. Unless you’re the exception to the rules, which you most likely are not. Sorry. Again, for the most part, people who cheat will most likely cheat again.

What constitutes cheating? Anything that jeopardizes your relationship with the person you’re with. If you’re unhappy with your relationship, get out before it leads to cheating, because I guarantee, the other person doesn’t know its happening and when they do find out, its one of the worse feelings they’ll ever have. So, don’t be a jerk, ladies and gentlemen, just leave if you’re not getting what you want and need.

That feeling of betrayal and of resentment is hard to get rid of, but it is possible. Save yourself, save your respect, and keep your pride, because its not easy, its not fun, and its not worth trying to fix.

Oddly enough, that’s not what happened today. Just felt betrayed. My ex finding out things about me that’s not bad, just…annoying. Trust is a fickle thing, and I think my friend may have lost it. By the way, don’t cheat!

You have to go for it.

Alright people, enough with the BS. Three things need to happen before you can even think of asking a girl out or hooking up with a girl. Same with you ladies with men.

Firstly! You really need to love yourself. Seriously, be happy with who you are. Be happy with your talents, and embrace your inner joys, and do it as much as possible. Do the things you love!! Be happy with your faults, and realize you have those faults and be willing to change if you’re not happy with who you are inside.

Secondly! Be confident in everything you flippin’ do! For Pete’s sake, you only really only have ONE person to impress, and that’s you. If the person you’re into doesn’t think so, then there’s someone else out there who will, and it will be their loss. Yeah, really, its THEIR loss, not yours. When people tell you their are plenty of fish in the sea, its more or less true. The sea of people out there is pretty big. Does that mean you’ll find one worthwhile who thinks you’re worthwhile? You won’t know unless you show off that confidence. Be proud of who you are, nerd, geek, mortician, jock, ninja, pirate, if its positive, if its worthwhile and benefits you and society around you, then you should be proud!

FINALLY! Trust your gut. There’s a reason why people sing songs and write stories and movies and TV shows and poems all about following your heart. There’s a reason why you feel that pull, or feel compelled to ask a person out, or maybe you think they’d be a great lay, whatever! You go with your gut, and you’ll find that you’re right a lot. And I mean right for YOU. Not for anyone else, but you did the right thing for you.

So, go for it. You see someone you think is worthwhile, is someone who could be something good in your life, just do it. You’ll never know what it’ll bring you, and you’ll never know unless you go for it.

The fear of the unknown. Especially other people.

I think we as human beings are fearful creatures in general. I am reminded of this every timea bug jumps out of nowhere and I jump. But I think what people are most scared of, are other people. There’s always that fear of rejection, or getting hurt, or of learning something you didn’t want to know. So how do you handle those feelings? You can’t avoid people forever. But you can always take it one step at a time.

Gentlemen, for those of you who are shy, you CANNOT wait for a woman to show any interest back. You need to attack, ask her out, tell her she’s pretty, something! It doesn’t matter if you think she’s out of your league, or if you think she’s taken. If you don’t do something, you’ll never know, and you’ll kick yourself.

Ladies! It is not the 1800’s. If you like a guy, PLEASE ask him out. Its not a blow to our ego, or our masculinity, and as a matter of fact, guys are DENSE, for the most part. We don’t always get your signs, we can’t read your minds. We can only do so much, and there’s already a lot on our shoulders in relationships as it is. So can you ladies, please give us a break.

Finally, women (and some guys) STOP sending mix signals. If you’re not interested in someone, say it to their face, and treat them like you’re not interested in them. Don’t flirt with them, tell them you’re not interested, and then flirt again. It causes huge headaches, and like I said, its already tough enough as it is.

So in conclusion? Shy guys, ask her out and compliment her, because the worst she can say is no, and you can (try) to move on. Also, girls, just tell the guy you’re into him, flirt with him, and make it obvious. We are mostly adults and we’re too old for games.

You know what I dislike, a lot (hate is such a harsh word)? People who have to MOLEST SCREENS!!!

I never used to complain much about other people, just usually about my life in general, but now for some reason I’ve found a reason to complain. Because people are CRAZY. Yeah, that’s right! You, me maybe, and everyone around us are just plain nuts? What drives me up the wall, are the superstitions at Casinos. I guess that’s why they get richer while we get poorer.

Over the weekend, as a break from all the studying and lab report writing, I went out with my friends to the “local” Indian Casino. I only say local, because its actually pretty far…err, anyway, so after another defeat at the bingo table, I go and play some slot machines. I sit there, win a few, lose a few. My only “habit” when playing slots is just to move on if you’ve won fairly big. I only gamble because its entertaining, and it helps pass the time before dinner, and hey, maybe I can win big.

ALL around me, men and women a like are playing the same machines I’m playing. But I guess why I don’t win is because I’m not RUBBING THE SCREEN! Okay, I get it, you think that if you rub the screen hard enough, the number you’re looking for will pop up, and bam…there’s the win. Even if you don’t have any other numbers or suits or whatever lined up in a row, that LAST little thing that spins…whatever its called, will some how help you get the jackpot. And then, oh, if they see what they want on the screen, they have to rub each and every little icon as if that’s going to make the difference.

Its gambling for a reason people! Its statistically impossible to determine what will happen next. Its all LUCK. All the rubbing in the world is not going to fix your addiction or win you any money!!! GAH!! STOP IT! ITS FREAKING ME OUT!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I’m done. Those Casino’s have it right! “Ugh” “FML”. I think I need to make me one of those Casinos and live the life fantastic!

Getting married is like a stock OS/ROM. Huh?

A celebration is occurring as my friend is not engaged, her boyfriend popping the question in beautiful Hawaii. So why am is marriage like a rooted Android phone. Well, because when you go from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife, its like going from the sameness of the stock ROM to the adventurous, and customizable custom ROMs. Sound confusing? Well here we go. Bear with me, and you’ll see the connection.

When you’re an unmarried couple, there’s a sense of freedom and fear, just like rooting your phone and installing a custom ROM. You can pick any theme, any ROM, and if you don’t like it, you can change it. You also go into the new ROM knowing that it may not work, and it may even crash and burn on you. This makes the developers work harder to keep you around.

The same applies to an unmarried relationship because you know that any beak up is relatively simple if you’re unhappy, but there’s a fear that it’s just as easy for the other person to leave. The strings aren’t as tightly attached, and if you really want to keep your significant other around, you’re going to have to work harder to keep them. Like a developer.

Then there’s the married couple, or the stock ROM. Yeah, its comfortable, familiar, and the same thing ever day. Yeah, on occasion you’ll get that OTA update, or your spouse does something to spice things up, but its not necessarily all that often. After awhile, having the same thing every day, there is the chance of you getting tired of it. Why do you think there are OTA updates? To keep you interested in the OS and the phone. But you can’t do that in a marriage. There’s a comfortability in marriage that makes us lazy. You start trying less, you’re willing to settle with what you have.

Yeah, you can tell I’m in favor of one over the other. I have nothing against marriage, because A LOT of people have made it work. Just like I have nothing against whatever is stock on my phone. But, there’s a reason why the divorce rate is the way it is. Marriage is a dying institution, where divorce is slowly becoming the new norm.

Wow, I haven't seen this in awhile.

I was going to post something profound, but instead, after a random search for poetry, I found the stuff I wrote years back. I was really depressing when I was a teenager. Here’s an example of what I used to write.

Plain and Simple Soul

No messages are left to keep,
For only souls are worn to weep.
The blood that bleeds, and simply still
Is mysterious to our appeal.
And all the words that are never whole
Compose this plain and simple soul.