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Back When We Were Interesting Ep. 59 – Horror Movies

back when we were interesting logoWelcome to Back When We Were Interesting, where we talk about the stories and the experiences that make us and you, interesting. This episode, Shelley Rossell, Josh Hawkes, and Francis Fernandez talk about the things that hipsters are bringing back, that we had when we were younger. From vinyl to typewriters, mopeds to man buns, we discover what a hipster is, and why some of us, like their style. It’s all that and much more on this week’s Back When Podcast.

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The LA Comic & Science Fiction Convention

Hayley AtwellConventions are on fleek nowadays, which may mean that they’re on Kim Kardashian’s butt or something, I forget, but they are the thing for the mainstream public to do if they want to keep on top of pop culture. They’ve been “must do” events for the last five years, and they continue to grow in popularity. The San Diego Comic Con alone is a spectacle of people, news, reveals, and geekdom that can barely be contained in the cities Gaslamp district. It is then, no surprise, that the smaller conventions are getting some recognition, and that celebrities are taking notice.

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