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Geek Love Radio Ep. 23 is Up and Running: This week's theme? Grow a pair!

Episode 23:


Rundown: Today rsquo;s show we rsquo;ll be talking about how Facebook is ruining relationships, A website helps you break up with your girlfriend…or boyfriend, and how to get over being stood up by someone, and finally how cheating and one night stands may be due to your genes. Yep, as you can see, a barrel of laughs on this show, all but happy thoughts. And for the Geek Love Tip of the Week,

What rsquo;s up?

Topic 1: Apparently Facebook helps facilitate cheating, and as a result may be the cause of one out of five divorces. Facebook doesn’t ruin relationships, people ruin relationships.

Topic 2: Why go through the trouble of breaking up with someone when you can spend $10 and have someone else do it for you. Yep, with iDump4u, you can have someone call up your significant other to break up with them.

Topic 3: Five stages of death apply to breaking up and to getting stood up. Maybe it’ll make sense for you, or make sense for others.

Topic 4: I guess we cheat because its in our genes, but that’s no excuse. You have a choice, don’t you?

Geek Love Tip of the Week: Don rsquo;t give up what you rsquo;re passionate about, keep reaching for the stars and all that other bs, I rsquo;ll think of something better when I have a chance. Peace out people.


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Geek Love Radio Ep. 22 is Up and Running (Solo because I suck, and can't schedule correctly a good time with Lisa)

Episode 22:


Rundown: Science finds the fountain of youth, which may give people pause on relationships. Also, what rsquo;s the deal with one night stands, is the internet screwing that up? Finally, Geek Love tip of the week, with blogs, facebook, vlogs, what rsquo;s too much information and what rsquo;s not enough? All that and more on Geek Love Radio.

What rsquo;s up?

Topic 1: Scientists discover the fountain of youth and what its impact may be with people in relationships. Would you still stay with someone if you knew you could live decades longer? Would you still consider marriage? utm_medium=feed utm_campaign=Feed:+gizmodo/full+(Gizmodo)

Topic 2: One night stand. Never had one, but I think that they are a dying fad due to the ability for us to stalk on the internet.

Topic 3: Another gizmodo article, where a man kills a woman for answering her phone during sex. How bored was she? Are we so distracted by tech that we can even get away with that? utm_medium=feed utm_campaign=Feed:+gizmodo/full+(Gizmodo)

Geek Love Tip of the Week: Our lives are out on the internet.We share everything and anything with people. We rsquo;ve given up our privacy for the ability to play games on Facebook and talk about the mundane on Twitter. Not that I would ever do that.


Dave the Drummer:
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Geek Love Radio Ep. 21 Is Up and Running: Special Guest: Lisa!

Click Here to Listen: Geek Love Radio Ep. 21

Special Shout Outs: 5 people. Just wanted to give a big thank you and shout out to the following: to Dave. A man obsessed with music and devilish quotes who also makes waiting in line a breeze. Tyler and his impeccable tastes in geekdom and clothes. To Xander, a true specialist at what he does and who rsquo;s hilarity ensues. To Eileen, one of the Geekiest girls out there, and gives me hope that there are true, awesome geek girl rsquo;s in the world. and to Lisa, a lovely young woman who is a passionate writer and blogger and all around fun geek girl herself. Please check out her blog today at Sorry Potent Disarray is pretty awesome. It also reminds me of General Disarray, the South Park character, not just general disarray.


E-mail Lisa:

Rundown: Its rant day here on GLR, and I rsquo;ll be ranting about people full of energy, who happen to be cute, but their being hyper makes them not so much and such other things. Also, we rsquo;ll be checking out Dave rsquo;s 2nd week of using the internet as a place of dating advice. Finally, for our weekly geek advice, we rsquo;ll be talking about how we base who our potential relationships are.

What rsquo;s up? Watched the final Scott Pilgrim screening, which was a good thing as I met those fine people I mentioned in the shout outs. The Bluray is out and that will be occupying my time, but the event itself was amazing.

Topic 1: Rants.
Some people are hyper and its cute, and they rsquo;re cute. Some people are hyper, they rsquo;re cute, and they rsquo;re found annoying, which destroys all semblance of cute. I normally don rsquo;t mind, I have a pretty thick skin. I usually find such people fascinating and fun. But then they border on insane and certifiable and I have to run. But sometimes you can rsquo;t, and they seek you out.

My other rant is on how people automatically call a person a loser or a fake due to their fanaticism. You rsquo;re a fan for a reason, you obsess and you lose control and you become so wrapped up in those things that you enjoy. Yet, here I was reading comments on a person who had no reason to be attacked. He was just a fan, showing off his fandom. I rsquo;m a hypocrite, I rsquo;m the first to admit this, because I complain about people who are too much of something, but at least I have evidence, I rsquo;ve observed first hand these weirdos. This guy, I rsquo;ve met, and he was being judged by people who only know a blurb about the guy. Sadness.

Topic 2: Dave rsquo;s continued experiment with using the internet as a guide to relationships.

Tip of the Week: How do you go about choosing who you want to go out with? Who do you prefer to hook up with? The thing is, I don rsquo;t you should be so concerned about your method of weeding out your dates. But you have to be aware of their limitations. Be aware of the things you rsquo;re looking for in someone, but don rsquo;t be surprised if you rsquo;re criteria is strict, and you don rsquo;t find someone you want to have a relationship with or date.


Dave the Drummer:
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Geek Love Radio Ep: 20 is Up and Running


Rundown: Today we talk about the kinds of myths and advice for women being told by dating sites. Dave the Drummer recaps his experiences using the internet rsquo;s advice on dating, and we discuss the fun of being friends with your ex…that rsquo;s sarcasm by the way folks. All that and a little bit more? On this week rsquo;s GLR.

What rsquo;s up?

Topic 1: The Three Big Relationship Myths according to

1. Relationship Myth #1: Giving = Getting
Apparently giving and giving to a man is not the way to his heart, but allowing him to give to you. You want a man to love you? Let him give first, and don rsquo;t play all your cards right from the very start. They say that relationship is give and take, but I think that this works both ways, for men and women, not just women. Guys who give too early and too often can be taken advantage of. I think its less likely if the woman does it.
2. Exclusivity Leads to Commitment and Marriage
I agree with this myth as well as the advice given. They say that just because you rsquo;re dating doesn rsquo;t automatically lead to exclusivity. You rsquo;re not a committed couple just because you rsquo;re dating, you rsquo;re dating for a reason. Its like trying on a pair of shoes to make sure they fit right, and that rsquo;s what dating is. You don rsquo;t just assume that because you two dig each other it means monogamy than marriage. Until that gets talked about or he gets on one knee, you both should keep the options open, unless you both agree and are both in the same place and find that you both are the one rsquo;s for each other.
3. Showing a Man Your Feelings Will Scare Him Away
Another homerun from e-harmony when they state that emotions don rsquo;t scare men away, its the drama. Men are emotional beings, we have feelings too. We don rsquo;t like being alone, we don rsquo;t like the thought of losing someone we love. We care, we are affectionate, we just don rsquo;t show it as often as we could. But that rsquo;s part of the ldquo;fun rdquo;. Let me quote the page, ldquo;When you can embrace your feelings and communicate them to a man in plain language and in a way that does not blame or criticize him, a man will breathe a sign of relief. At last he has met a woman who can relate to him without letting her emotions control her! rdquo; I couldn rsquo;t have said it better myself. We are a fan of emotion, because we feel it ourselves, but we rsquo;re more blunt about it, more straightforward, and we want to fix things. So if you just let us know how you feel, in plain English, and that you want to find a solution, we rsquo;re down for that for sure.

For more info check out:

Topic 2: Dave talks about his experiences using dating advice from the internet.

This weeks tips from Jessica Claire, of Expert Village and New York Dating Coach, which will be hammered into your head if you watch the playlist on YouTube.

How to meet a chick? Jessica recommends somewhere low key, like a coffee shop, or a book store. Instead, I got the great idea to go to a bar, because this is small town Ireland and the only people in the local bookstore are old ladies looking at Mills Boone. I got drunk, yadda yadda.

How do you know when to approach a lady? Not at work, says Jessica Claire, a New York Dating Coach of New York Dating Coach, or when she rsquo;s with another guy. She also says avoid large groups of girls. At what point does a group become large? Is four a large group? I ended up at a birthday party for an older lady, and attempted to work my new found skills on a chick there.

How do you get a girls attention? Jessica Claire says guys are possibly retarded, which is fair enough. Be coy at first, then talk for a little bit, a VERY little bit, then walk away. If you say something totally awesome, she rsquo;ll remember you, and try to find you for the rest off the night.

Update on my Interweb Dating so far.

Tip of the Week:
Should you stay friends with your exes? Some say, that rsquo;s the sign of a mature and healthy relationship, and I think you rsquo;re just kidding yourself. I believe most people stay friends with their exes because they hope that they can have a n f-buddy or have some delusion that they rsquo;ll be able to hook up with them again. Why would anyone want to stay with someone whom they rsquo;ve been with? You have to see them move on, and maybe you rsquo;re not quite over them yet. Or they have to see you move on and they rsquo;re not over it yet. That rsquo;s just drama and heartache waiting to happen.


Dave the Drummer:
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Geek Love Radio Ep. 19 is Up and Running: Reasons for Love, Dating Advice, Stress Relief

Listen here:

Rundown: On today rsquo;s show, we rsquo;ll be talking about how we love at the drop of the hat, and Dave will give us a bit of an intro to the art of dating in the 21st century, and our weekly advice…will be about stress.

What rsquo;s up? My new fascination with Doctor Who. How I may have been wrong that pretty girls know they rsquo;re pretty. Also witnessed a potential fight.

Topic1: The new science of falling in love. According to research done by Syracruse University, people actually fall in love fairly quickly. The study shows that it only takes 1/5th of a second to get all those parts of your brain going to simulate that chemical process of love. It probably shouldn rsquo;t be called love, because its more infatuation. Its such a quick reaction, that its just appeal to them in the here and now than a real in depth look at how you feel about each other.

Topic 2: Unnamed project intro, or Guide To Getting Into A Relationship.
Run down ~ Relationship advice put into practice, from online and magazine articles, so on.
The start is online dating.

Your own profile:
Be positive
Be honest about yourself, TO A POINT. Do be truthful about your weight, yadda yadda, do not tell them you own over 400 moist towel packets from around the world. They don rsquo;t gotta know that yet.
Are you funny? Don rsquo;t say it, show it. Make your profile funny without putting yourself down.
Like movies, or music, or art? Give a short list of your favourites, maybe even say why. Just saying ldquo;I like movies rdquo; is not enough. They could like movies, too, and when you take them to see the new Jackie Chan action, she rsquo;ll be pissed she didn rsquo;t see any sign of Owen Wilson being wacky or whatever. It saves you in the long run.
Have a talent? Let them know! If you rsquo;re totally useless and just sit on your ass all day, say you ldquo;Enjoy relaxing. rdquo; It ain rsquo;t lying!
What do you look for in a significant other? Best tip is to not mention physical things first, if at all. We all have a ldquo;Type rdquo;, but mention non-physical traits first, it makes you look less shallow. If you like blondes, but really don rsquo;t mind either way, don rsquo;t say ldquo;Blondes preferred, rdquo; because brunettes, red heads, baldies will just see it as a sign to not bother. Also, if you have a preferred body type, be shrewd about it. Don rsquo;t say ldquo;No fatties, rdquo; or something. In fact, don rsquo;t mention the word fat at all. Synonyms are your best buddy. Just try not to be a jerk about it.

Contacting them first:
Word count is God. No one line messages, no walls of text.
USE SPELLCHECK! Seriously, looking like you rsquo;re in kindergarten will get you nowhere, which means text-speak is 100% NO!
You obviously looked at their profile, so find something in it to talk about. People love talking about themselves. Pay attention to things like their favourite album, or movie, what sort of music they listen to. Do they go out? Do they like to dance? Pick a couple of things, and make a conversation. It rsquo;s just like talking face to face, minus the sweating palms and nervous shaking. Try to choose something not many other people would.
Be light hearted. Crack some witty jokes, so long as they don rsquo;t make fun of stuff, because you rsquo;ll look like a mook. Laughter is a turn on.
Avoid sexual innuendo like the plague.
Don rsquo;t get heavy. If you have money troubles, or can rsquo;t get a boner, don rsquo;t mention it, it rsquo;s flirting, not a pity party. Save it for your therapist. If you have kids, mention it at some point, but going on about it is just irritating.
Always make sure to leave the message open ended, give them something to ask back.

Don rsquo;t mention exes, or your past sexual history. Just……….. Ew……..
Like the look of someone, but their profile is terrible? Leave it alone.
Just want a booty call? They have sites for that.
It helps to have a picture. Don rsquo;t take a posed one. Look relaxed, laughing is best, and NO MYSPACE STYLE PHOTOS.
It rsquo;s a numbers game.
Always look up what people say about a site before you join. Some are known to scam, and some are full of people you genuinely don rsquo;t want to know.
It helps to research the other side!


Weekly Advice: How to cope with stress when you rsquo;re in and out of a relationship.

Wrap up:
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A Critical Moment of Awesome Ep. 4 is Up and Running.

Before Halloween, I’d like to share what I think is awesome with that day, and you’ll probably all agree that what I’m talking about because its pretty much everything that makes up the day. Haha. Costumes, candy, haunted mazes, scary movies and scary video games, all coming right at you on this installment of A Critical Moment of Awesome. And if you want to send in your Critical Moment of Awesome, write in to today.

Geek Love Radio Ep. 18 is up and running.

itunes pic

Thank you again for listening to Geek Love Radio and this week…both Dave the Drummer and I are a bit tired. I for the early morning hours, and he for a long weekend of work. So its easy to tell how exhausted we are as we ramble about dangerous women, manipulation, and sending naked pics over the internet and the double standard that comes with it. Spoiler: We as a society are cool with naked ladies, but ridicule the naked men. Tell me what you think at

Geek Love Radio Ep. 17 (Season 2 Ep. 2) or GLR V 2.2

Link to PODCAST:

Show Notes

Topic 1: Sex tourism

More like real human renting than prostitution, but still is prostitution. Time is spent with the person on the long term. Economic booms a pro, but is it taking advantage, or is it a legitimate job for those in struggling countries? Many do it for a Visa, to get into Canada, Britain and America. Psychological stuff, such as being an object, guilt for many reasons (Religious, moral and noticeably in male prostitution to older women, that they feel indebted to them). Risk of HIV and AIDS, and other sexual diseases.

Media: Rent-A-Rasta – Female sex tourism, not great information, good for Jamaican + Rastafari history.

Bangkok Girl – Intense, sticks in your mind, true tragedy.

Part 1 –

Topic 2: Article: Five Reasons you should date a chubster

From Miami NewsTimes Lifestyle column:

1. He rsquo;s Funny
2. He rsquo;s always down for sex.
3. He knows where to eat.
4. You rsquo;re always the prettier one.
5. Your girlfriends don rsquo;t want to have sex with him– at first.

Relationship advice: Communication

What do you think people? Has open communication made things better or made things worse?

A Critical Moment of Awesome Ep. 3: The show finds purpose!

The Feed: A Critical Moment of Awesome

In this week’s episode, I find PURPOSE for the show. Talking about the moments of awesome in our lives. Because life can be crappy sometimes, but we all have moments that are so amazing, so funny, or so ridiculous that it changes our mood. It makes us forget the bad, or improve what’s already great. So I talk about that, as well as my Scott Pilgrim cast encounter (my moments of awesome), and how strange it is to me to find out that “hipster” is a term of insult. If you have a moment of awesome you want to share, write in to

Gizmodo: Geeks vs Hipsters

Geek Love Radio Season 2 BEGINS!

Geek Love Radio Season 2 Episode 1 is up and running on iTunes and Podomatic. Links at the end. It starts off rough, I have to admit, but it can only get better from here. Haha. Thanks again to Dave, the Drummer for the intro and end song, and thanks again to Maria-whatsherface, for the logo. More logos to come and possibly more intros to come. We’ll figure out which is best overall.

So check out this episode, oddly enough not an accurate representation of the new Season but more like the first one. Look at me talking like there’s a huge difference. Haha. Anything comments, questions, stories, anything…just write here on the blog or send in an e-mail to

Podomatic: Geek Love Radio Season 2 Ep. 1