An example of video game addiction.

I had recently…maybe not that recently, talked about addiction. A professor of mine had once said, we are all addicted to something in our lives, whether its alcohol, sex, food, the internet, celebrities, or video games. We all have some kind of addiction that we need fulfilled on a regular basis. My hobby is video games, I do play when I can, and well…this video called out to me because…WOW!! First off, I play World of Warcraft, I’m new to it in comparison to most players, and secondly, well…the guy in the video has my name.

If I ever become like this…you have my permission to beat the living crap out of me. Enjoy.

Nothing is fair in love & war…what is it good for? Absolutely nothing

As teens, we love everybody. Our hormones are raging, our hearts are fluttering, and we just rub ourselves up and down on the next girl or guy who’s into us. We don’t care, and we experiment, and we get frisky in all different ways. Apparently, the same is the case with seniors. Just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you’re not wanting. I just find it so amazing how we grow and evolve and when love and sex becomes more complex, we get really, really ruthless.

When it comes to desire, to love, and to our own libidos, we find ourselves doing things that we know are wrong. Yet, we do it anyway, because our hormones are taking over, and we do the cheating, and the lying, and the manipulating. We are willing to hurt and step on, and backstab anyone and everyone we come in contact with to get what we want. There is a ruthlessness and coldness and no matter how close you are to your friends, no matter how many guys spout out “bro’s before ho’s”, often times…its the other way around.

I was going to write a post about how I hate men, and how men are just pieces of garbage sometimes. Not all men of course, but a lot of them really are. After my divorce, I learned who really had my back, and who stuck around just they can swoop down on my exwife. The vultures descended, and I was disgusted. I mean, I get their motivation, and I understand they’re thinking with their penis more than their brain, but it still boggles my mind.

The thing is, you can’t let it get to you. Surprisingly I didn’t let it get to me. I like knowing that there are certain people I can trust and others I can’t. It saves me the trouble of having to associate myself further with those guys who say they’re buddy, and just…pull that merde. (Its French I think, and I don’t think I’m using it right). Okay, maybe it got to me a little, but not to the point where I needed to extract revenge as I’ve been suggested to do. Punching people in the face and the like, its not my style. I don’t recommend you do it either.

Now, not to say women aren’t the same kind of snakes, but they’re much more subtle and more conniving. Men are more upfront and blunt. Anyway, I just had to get that out of my system. Its but a small speck of the complex world of love and lust. I think I understand Inception more than what we go through for a woman…or a man. Its so hot…I’m melting here. Really, seriously, I hate California summers. Someone should just make it stop. 


False advertisement. I'm not sure how sincere I am or how facetious I'm being.

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Well folks, as you can tell, I’m in an odd mood tonight. Mostly because I realized something about myself and this blog. I am sincere in my intent, trying to help people by lecturing them unnecessarily and sharing anecdotes that may not mean much to anyone but me. I am mildly sarcastic when I do my post titles, but they’re more “Huh?” moments than genuine jewels of comedy. So I ask myself, what am I doing here? Am I even giving the people what they want?

I realize there are those out there who listen to Geek Love Radio and read the blog on a regular basis. Thank you all again, I greatly appreciate it. But honestly, if you think about it, what on here are you guys interested in? Does any of what I say make sense? I’m just a regular person like you, I just try to get myself heard as much as possible. (Now Listening to: Donots: Saccharine Smile) I want to help others, and I want to share my experiences and all that good stuff. I don’t know how unique or how important it is, but I put it out there anyway.

See? Not funny, nothing I’ve just written is remotely hilarious. And…in my humble opinion, I do provide a few chuckles in person. Maybe its because I can use the situation, and I have an annoying laugh…loud and shrill. I’m also a loud talker, and I don’t censor myself. Is that funny? I want to be funny. I think people remember funny things than all this depressing stuff I write on here. I try not to be so negative really, I’m an upbeat positive guy in general. Its just, life sucks a lot of the time, and its a fact of life. I can’t help it sometimes.

I think my twitter posts are clever…at least I try to make them. Look to your right…isn’t it kind of clever? Look, I’m the first person to be harsh on myself, but I thought…maybe? I guess I lack humility, and I think I come off strong, but really. Its a bad habit.

For instance, I was going through my spam e-mail and a friend of mine I haven’t talked to in almost ten years wrote me a message the other day. I finally replied back, and when I read what I wrote, I really sounded overzealous. I replied fairly strongly and I was embarrassed. I almost wanted to write her again and tell her, it was just a surprise to hear from her, and that’s why it came out rushed and a little stilted and OUT there. I stopped myself of course, because I think that’s worse. Okay, I need to calm down and take my own advice. Take a breathe, figure out what’s going on, and think before I type. Like now…I really should read what I wrote. But you know what? I’m probably not going to.

Okay, I lied, I just read through this post, and I find myself not coming to the point that I originally had. This all had a point, really. And it was, I want to try to be funnier…be less…macabre. Life deserves the good things, no matter how low you feel. You need a pick me up. I of all people know what that’s like, living in depression. There I go again. *sigh* I miss writing out emotes. I used to do that all the time in chat back in the day. *looks around to make sure no one is looking* I used to play roleplaying games on websites. My writing is really rusty. And to think, I wanted to be a writer, and a voice over actor and…okay, I’m rambling even when I write.

So as you can see, I am scatter brained, and I think that’s what’s funny about me. I’m also kind of excited because I fixed my computer inadvertently. Okay, I’m stopping. I would just like to hear from you guys out there who actually read this stuff. What do you think? Yay or nay? (Which one means yes? – Sorry, Robin Hood Men in Tights) Okay, I’m done. I told you all I was in a strange mood. Be well people. I’m currently listening to: Buckcherry: Crazy Bitch…which was actually after Ingrid Michaelson’s Be Ok. I love music…I should listen to it more.

Let's go out on a date…but first, let me check my phone.

Okay, yeah, I really have to work on those post titles, but I wanted to talk about how dating is becoming a much easier “ordeal” thanks to smart phones. More and more people are giving up their feature phones for smart phones. There is a greater connection to your life there with instant e-mail and twitter, and facebook all on a handheld device. Its pretty amazing when you think that more and more people are keeping a mini computer in their pocket at all times. Its so convenient. And what makes it even more convenient are the apps, and those apps are just making it easier on everyone. Especially those dating or going out for for the first time. Finding something to do and places to go is a breeze.

When I was dating and doing all those things, it was actually hard. Yeah, I had the internet, but finding a place to go or things to do was still a multi-website adventure. Research, customer reviews, you had to do your homework in order to find a good place to take your girl or guy out. And before the internet, you had word of mouth and that was even harder because you had to rely that your sources were good. Now…its just way too easy.

Its easy to get into a funk when you’ve dated for awhile. People get comfortable doing the same old things every week, or month, and with money being tight nowadays, its almost impossible to do anything outside of the house. That’s where those apps come in handy. Thanks to those apps on my phone, I’ve found places to go for free, things to do for free, and its amazing. Concerts, parks, even cheap movies are now at my fingertips. I know it sounds like I’m trying to sell people a smartphone, but that’s not why I’m talking about it. Its just amazing to me.

I mean, the places available for free may not be for everyone, but even when you have the money, you can use these apps to find out what’s going on around you to the big conventions, to the small karaoke bar. All I’m saying, is that we live in a crazy world, where everything and everyone comes together so easily and so quickly. And there really are so many different things to do, we sometimes forget there is more to life than what’s in front of us.

I guess I just want to encourage you all to go out there, discover with the one your with…or even if you’re flying solo…find new worlds and make new experiences. And don’t forget to take pictures and put them up on Facebook. Share the love.

GLR Ep. 10 Show Notes

This is the show where I talk about cheating. What causes it, why it happens, how to notice it, what to do about it, wow…there’s so much to talk about on the subject. So much so that I talk so much I go over time. Its no good sometimes. I also did some research again, so check out the sites to find out more about cheating and infidelity.

The holodeck is coming!! One step closer to the United Federation of Planets

This has nothing to do with relationships and everything to do with me just geeking out a little bit. This news is a few days old, but Japanese researchers have taken us one step closer to the reality of a Holodeck from Star Trek: TNG. Our ability to live out fantastical adventures in 10 by 10 room is becoming a reality as said Japanese researchers have created holographic images that we can feel and touch and react to our touch.

Many people compare this to the hologram from Star Wars where Princess Leia relays a message to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Instead of our hand moving through the hologram, we will be able to touch it…which is kind of crazy, but all together awesome. And apparently, the core of this technology has to do with the Nintendo Wiimote, and there is a video out there of the technology in motion. It shows off a pink elephant that seems almost real.

What does that mean to you? Probably nothing, other than we’re doing things only realized in science fiction. How will it effect your relationships? Well, honestly, if you can make anyone, anywhere with Holodeck technology, we technically can live lives with our computer programmed perfected girlfriend/boyfriend and be able to experience everything physical with them. Then…the population slowly deteriorates as fewer and fewer people have sex with real people and more with holograms. Wow, now I’m depressed.

For those unfamiliar with the United Federation of Planets:

News of that touchable hologram:

KAHN!!! Err, Comic Con

Okay, I must briefly rant about all the San Diego Comic Con coverage I’ve been hearing the last few days. Not rant in a bad way, mind you, but rant in the sense that it makes me want to go even more. If anything, just to see all the new movies coming out, see all the cosplay, and just check out all the swag.

Now, I find it hard to believe that the layperson does not know what SDCC is, but for those who are new to the whole idea, its a convention that not only encompasses comics from the famous Marvel and DC brands, but also independent comics, movies, video games, and much much more. People dress up in elaborate costumes, there are booth babes, and panels for TV shows and their upcoming seasons. Its ALOT of stuff.

Practically every podcast I listen to is talking about it, from Kevin and Bean, to Frosty Heidi and Frank, and all the CNET, TWiT, and Frogpants podcasts are all about the past weekend’s events. Hype over movies coming down the pipeline, and the age of comic books seem to be waning, its a tad overwhelming, but something I think I would attend for years…should I finally be able to start.

Blizzcon, Dragoncon, Comiccon, there are way too many conventions, and I want to attend them all, and maybe even in costume. Heh, that would be fun. That’s all, I just had to get that out of my system. Next year, when things are better…I will go and get all geeked out. Oh yeah.

"You're not helping, you're just making it worse!!!"

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you were trying to help someone, but the entire time was spent berating them? You don’t mean to, and you probably don’t notice, but maybe…just maybe you were acting like a big jerk. I think that’s me. I find myself wanting to help people, but I might not be of any help whatsoever. See, when I help someone, I try to stay as neutral as possible. I think about what I say, I stay calm, and I let the other person talk, get upset, yell, whatever they need to do. And I think I don’t talk down to them, but then…after thinking about it…maybe I do.

You will find yourself in occasions where you will not win the fight, not that its about winning or losing, its about just surviving sometimes. You want to help, or you’re trying to make a point, and you don’t know what the other person is thinking, and you don’t know what the other person is getting out of what you say. So you look like a jerk, or you look like an a-hole. Either way, its those occasions where you just need to stop.

Guys want to be the problem solver. That’s me, I want to fix things that are broken, even if I know I can’t do anything about it. I can’t fix people all of the time, I can only offer what I know and my own logic and its up to you to use it if you want. But most of the time, when a person presents you with a problem its not about making things better, its just about listening. Its just about hearing out the problem, and that’s it. Sometimes that’s all it takes, and you have to fight that urge to want to correct things.

Therefore, think before you speak, check out where the person is coming from, and fight the urge to have to fix everything. And for those who are just listeners, and the guy wants help getting something fixed…try to help fix it. The problem is, we live our lives on autopilot. We do things because of our gut feelings, or our intuition. We go forward and we think about our needs, and wants, and we forget about the other person. We’re human, we’re going to do it. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. We are just 1 in 6,000,000,000. Keep in mind, that the world…doesn’t always revolve around us.

Ep. 9 Show notes?

Okay, I only mention one website on the podcast this week: and it talks about what sucks and what rules about being single. Anyway, I just encourage all of you to write in to the show @ and to check it out on iTunes and give it five star reviews. Don’t forget to subscribe to the feed here at the blog and on Finally, if you want to help out and support the show, there is a paypal donation button on the bottom left of the site. Those contributions keep Geek Love Radio alive. You can also follow me on Twitter at mrwizard80. Okay, that’s all, thanks everyone, you all rock AND roll.

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