Introvert’s Guide To The Universe Ep. 7 – Can’t Have Part B, With A Little Part-A…err…Party!

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DC Action Hour – New Season Week 2! Special Guests Arrow/Flash Authors Clay & Susan Griffith!

BAM! POW! KAZAM! Join us as we talk all the episodes from Week 2 of the new seasons of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow! Plus special guests Clay and Susan Griffith, the authors of super-cool novels The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen and Arrow: Generation of Vipers. With special guest co-hosts Francis Fernandez from Points of Interest Podcast Network and Cammie Ray from Arrow Squad!

Episodes We Discuss this Week and Timecodes for each Segment:
– Arrow (Season 6.2) – “Tribute” –
– The Flash (Season 4.2) – “Mixed Signals” –
– Legends of Tomorrow (Season 3.1) – “Freakshow”
– Supergirl (Season 3.2) – “Triggers” –

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Clay and Susan Griffith


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Francis Fernandez

POI Podcast:

Cammien Ray

Arrow Squad:

Music: “Pop Dance” –

Sincere Sarcasm Ep. 21 – A Brazilian

Dave the Drummer and Francis aka The Other Guy have another action packed Sincere Sarcasm. We go to the Emerald Isle and talk about Ireland’s fight with a storm and Dave’s experience at a funeral. From there it’s unusual stories of trading sauce for a car, flying to HEL, a sport that’s not a sport, burglaries and so much more.

Don’t forget, friend of the show, and good friend of ours, Dean the Movie Cynic needs your help. He is working to rid himself of a disease that has been plaguing him for most of his life. With your contribution, you help a man return to living a normal life. So check out the link below, and if you have a dollar or two to spare, it would greatly be appreciated.

A bad music video and Tommy’s Taint round out the show with a little tail end of helping give answers to those who have questions. It’s that and much more, on this week’s Sincere Sarcasm.

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