The Tiniest Book Club Ep. 4 – American Gods Ch. 9, 10, 11

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Welcome to episode one of the Tiniest Book Club, with Francis aka the Other Guy and Evie Pea. This is the podcast where two people trying to figure out what a book club actually does, and just kind of does a synopsis of what they read and try to break it down for you.

Things slow down a bit for our hero, Shadow, as he finds himself in the quaint town of Lakeside. Getting into a little trouble, he finds out there’s more to this town then there appears. With eclectic citizens, Wednesday occasionally stealing Shadow away for an errand or two, new gods, and a dream that seems to be a beacon brighter than the Luxor, Shadow doesn’t stay cozy for too long in this wintry wonderland. All that and more on the Tiniest Book Club.


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